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purity or intensity of colour

Chroma is a scratchpad for the digital era. No more, no less. Where every app is distracted trying to do every thing, we focus on a few, and give you the best, so that every interaction you have with them feels special, purposeful.

We focus on simplicity, choose speed, and intertwine beauty and functionality into every last button; and we can’t wait for you to experience every last one of them.

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We hope you like it as much as we do!


I Features

Meet Chroma. A scratchpad. But so much more.

With a lightweight frame that's instantly responsive, intuitive and accessible controls, and dual, purpose built, heavily optimized engines - one for when you're writing, and one for when you're drawing - Chroma is both agile, and packs the heaviest of punches.

Chromatic Intuition: 7 colors and 14 spaces to unload your thoughts;

Elegant, clean and minimal; giving you exactly the tools you need, and removing all the other distractions

Keyboard controls, unlike any other; beautifully animated, instantly responsive and always accessible

Write once, share everywhere. With a plethora of powerful options housed in familiar sharing methonds, Chroma lets you share, just as fast as you write

Secured on-device by industry standard encryption methods, rest assured whatever you write or draw is protected.

With countless options for tweaking even the smallest aspects of Chroma, from auto focusing to pasting on start to granular (and elegant!) font size choices and font family choices, to even when Chroma loads and displays content; yours to tune and adjust and make Chroma your own.

Built to make you smile. A passion project through and through, every single aspect of Chroma has been polished to perfection; and with heaps of new features, engine optimizations and bug fixes coming in regularly, the modern, fresh feel never goes away!

II Vision

Made with love, and built to last, Chroma is software written and honed for the very best editing and sketching possible - fast edits and quick sketches are our bread and butter, and in no small terms are what we built Chroma around

Chroma, does something different than its competition. Focuses on fewer things. And it does them well.
It doesn't have ugly interfaces, or stupid gimmicks or untrustworthy practices; just the tools to get the job done, and the singular focus of getting you to an empty document, an empty canvas, as soon as possible, and then leave you be.

Chroma is useful, and its a joy to use; and everything we do, is in service to one or the other; usually both.

And the best part? It's still just getting started. I already have lists and diagrams and specs for heaps of new features, improvements and tweaks, some already well into development, and my goal with Chroma is not simply for it to be the best of its kind, but perhaps more importantly, the best version of itself that it could possibly be.

So, what are you waiting for?

Download Chroma now, give it a spin, and join me on this journey! It's free!

III Engineering

Chroma is built with a combination of 2 things, a heavily purpose optimized text editing engine with custom rendering and lightning fast parsing, that we like to call Scribe, and a revolutionary painting engine built completely in-house, called Gloss.

With modular design, performant architecture and deep capabilities all painstakingly stitched together by heavily optimized code that purrs, Chroma is more than capable of handling whatever you throw at it.

IV What's next

Chroma's just beginning. I have big plans for it, and I'll share more once they're more fleshed out.

For now though, how about some highlights?

Real-time sync

Optimizations and additions to both the Scribe engine and the Gloss engine, focusing on increasing performance, reliability and security

Even more export options!

Even more text formatting options!

More font sizes, families, and finer control over both

New brushes and tools for painting!

Granlular keyboard customization options

Even more accessibilty features!

UI refinements

Animation touch-ups

Many, many more smaller things, and a couple large ones as well!

V Contact